“Falling Short”

A Note From [Fauxsod]

I started this blog in June. The first post gave homage for my endless love of denim, and was  followed with photos that featured a series of jeans reworked by yours truly. Despite being the month of June, it was a cold and windy making the idea of summer seem distant. Nonetheless, I was excited and ready to premier my version of a modern day Gloria Vanderbilt. Finally we started to feel the heat  (I mean it reached 85 degrees Fahrenheit) so I dedicated the last months of the summer perusing thrift stores for the perfect denim cutoffs. Do you think it was easy to thrift the festival driven, dukes of hazard inspired coochie cutter? Hell Nah! I searched high and low for the best jeans with the intention of manipulating the fabric into even better shorts. I finally found them, but you guessed it… the summer was over. Here I was with ten different versions of the “we wear short shorts”(Nare reference …get it) and the temperature was acting temperamental. The weather left me no choice. I did what any creatively driven, stubborn fashionista would do I put on a pair of shorts and claimed my territory as a fashion innovator. I paraded around the New York City streets trying to emulate Tina Turner in her prime. I was inspired to incorporate denim into my fall wardrobe as a staple piece, but in a different form and you can too.  We owe it to our legs.

You’re Welcome

Sonia Baines

shorts denim_tumblr studded-cut-off-shorts-street-style e30fdbfca4d7c3265f3ee879db1c5b28 catherine_bach_as_daisy_duke_in_the_dukes_of_hazzard_jCW0Mvz.sized daisy



*All pictures were taken from various street style sites via the web.

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