F.I.T x Denim Project

Action is the foundational key to all success.  Pablo Picasso

I haven’t posted in a long time. Prior to creating my blog I made a vow  to be married to the idea of blogging consistently.  This  promise would mean daily dedication, weekly commitment in conjunction with creating new material. I must remind you (or rather myself).  I am a student,  full-time employee and even bigger dreamer. So tell me how do  I become the “We Wore What”, or “The Blonde Salad” of blogging (whose salary is grossed at 8 million a year, Ouch!) if  I don’t have the time to blog?

Then I thought maybe I should just not blog “Fuck It”. This generation is so saturated with bloggers who bake, dress, advise, and craft. Where do I fit in, and how can I compete?  The truth is I have to do what I like , and even more so I have to make the time for it. Why? Well, because it makes me Fucking Happy! (excuse my f&*%)  I am taking a class this semester, “Intro to Entrepreneurship”. One of the requirements was designing a business proposal. Ok so wait a minute! I have to stand in front of class, humbly tell you my ideas, get feedback , and possibly realize I have no business.  No pressure,  Right! At the risk of sounding corny, like Nike just do it! How does this all tie together. (Just tell me to get to the point already.)

So I thought ” Hey, I blog about reworking clothing, Why not rework clothing for others as a business?” This blog post is a test as well as a personal diary. I figured I would post three looks with denim I reworked and give my classmates the option to pick a model they like. That’s where the blogging comes in (Get IT!)

Its simple: For $10 You:

  1. Pick a design you like/ or maybe want to customize to your tailored taste. (maybe you have something different in mind)
  2. Lend me a pair of jeans you want me to customize for you (with your preference).
  3.  Instagram the way you wear them and tag svbaines ( because all of you have unique style, and your feedback is valued).

This gives me a chance to see how my work resonates with you, and an opportunity to do what I enjoy even more than  blogging, reworking clothes.

You can find more things  I reworked on my website  http://www.doit-foryou.com/

My contact info http://www.doit-foryou.com/contact/

Questions/ Comments

You’re Welcome

Sonia Baines

And Now the pics

_MG_6934 edit WEBSITE _MG_6905 edit WEBSITE _MG_6888 edit WEBSITE _MG_6830 copy _MG_6788 edit WEBSITE_MG_6706 edit WEBSITE _MG_6690 edit WEBSITE _MG_6683 edit WEBSITE All Pictures were Taken by Derek Fahsbender  LikeAMacheen.  Follow him and his amazing photography.

Thank You so much!!!

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