Peace, Love and Recycle. How I turned a Ruffle Into A Top. ( DIY)


” The seventies is what I love. Soft, touchable beauty is what I love.” Tom Ford

A Note from Rags Revisited:

I have to admit that if I could travel back in time to any era, it would be the seventies. Without a doubt! It was all so good.  Among many things this was the era that started the influx classic rock. It morphed the hippie trend into bohemia chic. Lets not forget the explosion of ethnic prints, ruffles, platforms, and trousers with tasteful flares. I can’t even begin to describe how excited I am for the return of fashion in this time period.  I cant wait to rework countless amounts of clothing in honor of the peace, love and rock & roll era.  The fashion was fab, and the music was sexy.  I decided to rework two pieces from my closet into an off the shoulder ruffle crop top. To do this DIY you will need an old basic bandeau top, or crop top as a platform and then some fabric to create the ruffles.  I took an old leather(or pleather) crop top from H&M that I bought years ago. (I refuse to tell you how long ago, this is a judgment free zone. Yes, my breast and torso have  been the same size since my earlier years in college.) I also used fabric from a dress that had a large ruffle on the bottom hem line (I also purchased this from H&M). After a wear or two I decided that the ruffle detailing would look flattering in another area as opposed to making me look like a pre-teen around my legs. Can we say Molly Ringwald in ” Pretty In Pink.”! Yes, it was that bad.

If you use fabric, you will  have to measure the length and width of the fabric to your desired length.  If using fabric that doesn’t have gathering the width should be double the size of your bandeau.  The length will be determined by how far down you want the crop top to flow. I used a ruffle that was already gathered so it made it very easy to sew on to my crop top.

The steps:

  1. Take your crop top and while laying it flat pin your fabric around the edge of the top of the bandeau. Note: If you are using fabric that isn’t already gathered, you will want to gather the fabric as you sew.  There are countless you tube videos on how to gather fabric like this one.
  2. Sew the ruffle along the edge of your crop top removing the pins as you go.



seventies 2





Sonia full


Sonia ummmm copy
Details: Reworked Crop-Top. Jennifer Fisher Jewels,  Rachel Comey Silk Trousers, Guess Shoes.

Pictures were taken by the lovely Shanta Covington.  Check out more of her work here.



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