Today a T-Shirt… Tomorrow a Crop Top. (D-I-Y for Your E-Y-E)

“Sweet weeping baby Jesus he has a six-pack to beat all six-packs!” P. C Cast , Warrior Rising

A Note from Rags Revisited:

Shit, I want six pack abs!  The  crop top revolution is among us.  Despite our grandmothers thoughts about displaying too much torso tiny tops have been trending for quite a while now, pushing us femme fatale to load up on the sit ups instead of the fries. If you didn’t get the memo Abs are in. (flat, six-pack, whatever your workout allows.) This summer offers an array of bold, and itsy- bitsy- teeny- mini tops for your pleasure from designers, such as Marc Jacobs, Matthew Williamson, Diesel Black Gold,  and Miu Miu ( just to name a few). If you’re the creative type, and like to recycle vintage t-shirts, then this is the DIY for you.  With a little patience, and some elastic you can rework your dads rock tee, or boyfriends basic into a itsy bitsy …you get the point.

The steps:

  1. With the t-shirt desired remove sleeves with a seam ripper.
  2. Take a ruler and make a line across the top and bottom of the shirt. I use a charcoal pencil for this. **Note: This is where you will decide how high you want you crop top to sit above your chest, waist and or belly button.
  3. With a scissor cut across the markings made at the top and bottom of your t-shirt.
  4. Turn your t-shirt inside out,  making sure it is laying flat. Sew the sides where you removed the sleeves. **Note: You want to start with a big shirt so you can leave room for error, this also implies that in order to make it a fitted bandeau you will have to sew the sides of the t-shirt with a vertical stitch according to your body type and measurement desired (so it doesn’t fall off when wearing it).
  5.  With the shirt  still inside out fold the top of your bandeau about an 1 Inch over and Iron the seam down.
  6.  In  your hand measure  your elastic at the half way point, and make a mark with a pencil. Make sure you measure the length of your elastic by wrapping a piece around top of your breast-plate or top of your chest. Then cut off the excess. You want to make sure the elastic is stretchy, yet tight enough so it will  keep your bandeau  secure when wearing it.
  7. Take your elastic, and pin the halfway marking to one end of the side seam  slightly below the 1 inch seam, then pin the opposite end of the elastic to the other side seam. *** Note: You want to stretch the elastic so it reaches each end of your bandeau.
  8.  With a sewing machine sew down your elastic stretching the elastic, as you sew around the edge of you bandeau to ensure it reaches all the way around.
  9.  With pins secure your 1 inch seam over the elastic around the edge of  your bandeau.
  10. Sew down your seam, removing the pins as you go along the edge.

**Optional: Make sure to cut off any extra fabric, so you have a neat finish. You can repeat the step with the elastic if you choose to have an elastic finish at the bottom of the bandeau, or you can leave the edge raw. ( Knit fabrics such as t-shirts tend to curl nicely if you just pull the edge). I kept my sleeves, after I removed them from the seam,  and decided to attach them to the side of my bandeau to make a trendy 70’s hippie top.

Sonia with bars 8 copy







army8                                Optional:

Sonia with bars copy

Sonia looking up-2 copy

Detail: Jennifer Fisher Jewels, reworked crop top, Vintage slacks .

Pictures were taken by the lovely Shanta Covington.  Check out more of her work here.

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