How to get the most out of that dreadful dress. Making a one piece…two.(DIY)

“We make a living by what we get. We make a life by what we give.”  Winston S. Churchill

A Note From Rags Revisited:

I  recently bought a vintage dress from housing worksI like this thrift store because they have nicely kept garments, and are also very active in implementing AIDS awareness.  A percentage of their profits are donated to supporting services for HIV-positive individuals. I am a shopaholic. I like my money to hang securely in my closet, where I can see it. There are worse addictions out there. Right!? You only live once, so buy the dress Dammit! Besides, it’s not so bad to spend till you bend when your contributing  towards a good cause. I bought a dress that was aesthetically very matronly.  (You know, the kind Norma Arnold would wear in  “The Wonder Years”). Anyway, I liked the print so I figured I could refashion the dress, and make it suit a trend for Spring 2015. 

The steps:

  1. Take your dress and while laying it flat cut horizontally across the waist of the dress to make it two pieces. You should now have a “skirt”, and a “top”.
  2. Decide how long you want your top to be. Pin around the lower edge of your top making sure it is a straight seam all around.
  3. Sew your seam to give it a nice finish. For a professional finish sew one seam at a 3/4 of an inch, and then refold seam at a inch and  proceed to sew again.
  4. Take the bottom half ( which will be the skirt) and fold over the edge about an inch or bigger depending on your elastic.  Before making the fold try to cut the edge of the top half of the skirt in a straight line making your selvage neat. ***Note: selvage is the raw edge of your fabric.
  5. Iron the fold down.
  6. Measure elastic needed.
  7. Determine the mid-point of your elastic, and pin that to one of the seams of your skirt. Pin the two open edges of the elastic to the opposite seam of your skirt. Note: Make sure your elastic is placed below the ironed flap.
  8. Sew elastic down while pulling a firm stretch ( Not so firm that you break the needle).
  9. Fold over ironed flap and pin in place so it should cover the elastic band.
  10. Sew and remove pins as you go along edge.

I removed my sleeves, because I wanted to soften the look of the dress.  You can do what you want to make it your own.  I liked this project very much. You can expect to see many more two piece sets from me.











Details: Reworked Two Piece, Steven from Steve Madden, Elliot Mann

Pictures were taken by Ryan Alexander. More of his work can be seen here.





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