A Different Take on Fringe Benefits.. ( DIY for your E-Y-E)

“Im a designer, and I think if you work in fashion, you have to give people fantasy”. Christian  Louboutin

A Note From Rags Revisited:

I love that fashion is constantly evolving. Think about it! I take old clothing and refashion it to make it current. Designers pull inspiration from fashionable eras (among other things) to recreate looks that enhance the perspective on classic pieces. I have a perfect example; it involves a small amount of detail that has been incorporated (and slightly modified) into different looks. It’s the fringe. That stringy detail on those flapper dresses during the roaring twenties.  Now take a moment and reflect on how far this tiny detail has evolved. We want it on leather satchels. Please put it on a suede jacket.  Wait, don’t stop there I’ll take my fringe with a leather skirt. How about a fringe to spruce up you leather moto jacket? I personally like the fringe. I  wanted to take our relationship to another level. So, needless to say I took a blouse with a modest print ( Ha!) and added this quaint detail.

The steps:

  1. Take a shirt and lay it flat on a hard surface. I used a shirt I previously reworked and made it have a hi/low frame. ( Hi in the front/Low in the back)
  2. Take a pencil and make markings where you will  remove the sleeves to make it a tank top.
  3. Cut the shirt along the markings.
  4. After you have cut fabric from your sleeves pin down fabric to make a neat edge.
  5. Sew edge of sleeve removing pins as you go.
  6. Take your desired fringe detail and pin it to to inside of your shirt hem. **Note: this part is optional you can pin it to the outside of shirt  if desired. It really depends on what you want to show.
  7. Sew in fringe at the top of the seam, being very careful to separate string detailing as you sew. (You don’t want to get the strings caught in the edge you are attaching to the shirt.)
  8. Cut off any extra fringe.
  9. Put on immediately and twirl around!






Details: Reworked Fringe Tank, Leather shorts H&M( buy here), Jewelry H&M and Swarovski, Leather booties History.

All the pictures were taken by a lovely young lady Kadijah Nichole. I had the pleasure of meeting her for this opportunity. Let me tell you, it was so refreshing to meet a young woman who is so driven and goal orientated  like herself. I had a blast with her. Check out more of her work here.


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