The Jean in the Jeanius Bar. A Denim Cutoff DIY.

Never let a trend get in the way of creating a great outfit for yourself. Stacy London

 A Note From Rags Revisited:

Many of my summer posts will feature diy projects for denim cutoffs. Let’s face it denim shorts will always be a summer staple. I have news for you! They’re an easy diy. I’ve been customizing my denim as far as I can remember.  My  worn in  jeans became short shorts  well before the idea of a Jeanius  bar flooded the fashion market. Now, everyone is jumping on the  pum-pum cutoff bandwagon. You can find a display denim choices along with options to personalize your hip huggers at almost any retailer. Even vintage boutiques have loaded up there stock of dirty denim to take advantage of this savvy business cash cow. By the way, did I mention I’ve been reworking my denim before Prince wore ass-less chaps?  Just saying, that personalizing your denim can be done or redone by anyone  who owns some scissors, a little patience and an old pair of Levi’s.  So, I encourage those to try this diy and add your own flare (no pun intended). I took a pair of jeans and chose to play with two very current trends. One being the cutoff and the other being the suede fringe.  You can try it to, or you can do something else. I rest assure, you can do it. Trust me you don’t have to be a genius.

The steps:

  1. Choose a pair of denim that fits well.
  2. Make a mark on each leg for your desired short length. I recommend a mark at the hip.
  3. Cut a diagonal line going down from your mark to the crotch.( or vice versa)
  4. Fold your jeans leg to leg and cut the other leg to match.
  5. Pin down raw edge of each leg for a professional hem and prepare to sew. ( You can leave edges raw for a nice frayed edge if desired.)
  6. Turn denim shorts inside out and pin fringe to the inside of the hem. Prepare to sew making sure you don’t tangle loose edges of the fringe in the seam.

Note: Remember this is your denim project so you can do anything you want to personalize you look.



denim2 copy




SBaines 8-9-15 (22 of 33)

SBaines 8-9-15 (27 of 33)

SBaines 8-9-15 (8 of 33)

SBaines 8-9-15 (6 of 33)

SBaines 8-9-15 (29 of 33)

SBaines 8-9-15 (7 of 33)

Details: Vintage thrifted silk blouse, Reworked denim shorts, H&M choker, Schutz boots you can buy here.

All photos were taken by Brandon Rushie. More of his work can be seen here.

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