Below the Knees

Style is a simple way of saying complicated things.  Jean Cocteau

…. Like that I dress like my mother.

A Note from Rags Revisited:

Unfortunately Summer has come to a rapid halt. For many of us this change of season indicates that our three-month long lunch break is over. Back to work.  I on the other hand take this seasonal metamorphosis as an opportunity to closet cleanse. During the seasonal cleanse I rid my closet of clothing I will never wear in an effort to get rid of the old and diy into new. Let me be Frank , the closet cleanse makes me feel good, plus it’s an excuse for me to buy new things I don’t need. At  least I can admit it, but I can’t fight the trends. Please don’t make me. Denim has been flooding the industry, with dresses, skirts, shoes you name it.  I really wanted  to find a way to make the denim skirt fashionable again (at least for me).  Now, here surfaces the problem I’ve been around the block a couple of times so needless to say some of these trends remind me of my earlier days.  I’ve been wearing  denim rompers and skirts since 82′.  I routinely wore denim skirts, penny loafers and opaque stocking  when attending public school  meant your parents were rebellious  or “frugal” (Public school not the runway  show). Forgive me, If I sound redundant but you leave me no choice. I’m putting my fashion business on a plate and serving it to you cold. I’ll have you know some of  some of these trends are reminiscent of my mothers style, and have already  been done.  I remember watching my mom pair her denim skirts with oversized button downs and cowboy boots. We didn’t live in the west, just in case you were wondering… Stop! So I decided to channel my mothers style along with this denim movement. Since  we can’t seem to get rid of.  When in Rome… to my surprise I found a denim skirt  that fell below the knees. I decided that I would bleach it and perhaps do a tie dye effect. Well the tie dye was very minimal basically I bleached the entire skirt leaving no trace of indigo behind.  Fuck it sometimes you just have to roll with the denim.

Since were talking about style and my mother. My mother was a frequent neck wrap deviant. Once again a trend that has carried on through generations. The trend that no one wear better than the french. Yes, the bloody scarf. Right?! I was gifted a gorgeous silk  scarf from the company VeVelle. The beauty about a scarf is you can wear it how ever your heart desires. You  can Man Repeller it,  do it like the french,( warning this video is the pits but the lady can wear a scarf. HA! You’ve been warned!) or wear it as a belt.

You’re Welcome.



denimskirt3                  ****Note: I recommend putting more rubber bands for a better tie dye print.


***Note: Vinegar helps to cut the bleach after usage. Just pour it over the jeans after the bleaching process is done.

hanky5 copy
hanky3 copy
Hanky1 copy

Details: Vevelle Scarf,  Schutz Shoes, Reworked Skirt, Thrifted Mens Button Down.

All photos were taken by Patrick Fahrner. You can check out more here .

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  1. suedesunsets

    I love this post so much and your style is really cool! Your blog is really cool, you should check out my blog too. I do fashion and lifestyle posts, I think you’d really like it 😊
    Great pictures by the way.


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