Rethink your Jacket. Put a Patch on it!

“It costs a lot of money to look this cheap”Dolly Parton

A Note From Rags Revisited:

I have been extremely busy. Aside from juggling work and my internship I hate to admit I have neglected my blog.  As the New Year approaches I hope to become more consistent in doing the things that I enjoy, like blogging and reworking clothes. Yes, I’m already thinking about new beginnings and resolutions. Point blank we’ve experienced a long fall.  In sixty one degree weather it’s hard for me to get into the spirit while watching “A Charlie Brown Christmas”. November was a blur. Heads up December 1st approaches with haste on Tuesday. In laymen’s terms you have one month to get your shit together and fool January into thinking you’ve been progressing and accomplishing goals up until the 31st. Meanwhile…  lets not go there. Your doing great! Enough about you though. I’m sitting home bundled up trying to figure out why mother nature is so confused. Two weeks ago it was jacket weather and today I wont survive without a parka. I guess we are overdue. Now I can watch  “A Christmas story” in its proper environment. These pictures are oldies but goodies, and  were taken on one of these glorious fall days. I took a denim jacket and patched the hell out of it. My obsession with vintage patches has been progressing since the summer. If you remember I patched a vest here.  It’s the easiest DIY people. All you have to do is find patches to your liking and iron them on anything (a blazer, jeans, a denim jacket). I’m screaming patch work is in! This is a trend that will make headway into spring 2016.  So jump on the patch work bandwagon. Here are some pictures to inspire.

New_York_Fashion_Week_spring_2016_street_style3 patches2 patches fashion-spring-trends-2015-04-pins-patches-keychains-00

And then  my jacket… which you can purchase here. Reworked by yours truly!

SJacket 10-26-15 (12 of 18)SJacket 10-26-15 (11 of 18)SJacket 10-26-15 (6 of 18)SJacket 10-26-15 (15 of 18)

Details: Reworked Gap Denim Jacket, H&M Skirt

All photos were taken by Brandon Rushie. More of his work can be seen here.

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