My goal is to inspire self-expression and advocate uniqueness through fashion and art (and the many things that influence the two). I created  Rags Revisited  for those who love fashion, art, photography and are inspired by the everyday nuisances of life. 
I am currently completing a degree at The Fashion Institute of Technology, and will graduate with a B.S in Fashion Merchandising and Management  in the spring of 2015. Fashion heavily plays a role in my everyday life. Motivated by trends, art, pop culture, and plain old intuition I find great satisfaction in reading and blogging about fashion. I get even more gratification from styling and re-working thrifted clothing.  My goal is to create as much as I can. My vision is to illustrate many story’s with the use of fabrics, detail and colors. I also enjoy collaborating with many talented photographers illuminating their vision of art, fashion, and self expression.  For me fashion is not only about clothing and trends; fashion is power, a sense of being and in-depth perception. It is an intimate connection, a battle between their intrinsic and the extrinsic self. (Who you are vs. who you want to be.)
Enjoy. Sonia Baines 
For more projects, custom DIY clothing and collaborations please feel free to email me at svbaines@gmail.com.