Feet Big Enough To Sail On. A DIY For Those Sandals.

“These heels are almost high enough to make me meet face to face with Natasha if she wears flats.” Carrie Bradshaw

A Note From Rags Revisited:

Look, I’ve always had a weakness for  fashion. I love pretty flashy things especially in my closet, and on my feet. I’d like to think of myself as a hardware aficionado. Like any female I like my nuts and bolts as big as my diamonds. I am an average height of 5’3 with the emphasize in feet. I wear a size 9 stiletto, sometimes 9 and a half.   So, I’m a little self-conscious. I squeeze these toes like fingers in pretty heels to take the bullseye off my whittle piglets. I’ve always envied a tall female with a dainty foot; the kind that can still flaunt her stems in a flat or sandal.  High heels are my pride, they make my legs appear longer, and my feet look well … I hate feet. Despite what you’ve heard heels were not made for walking, specifically around the Concrete Jungle.  So, the challenge for me is finding sandals that make me feel confident enough to parade my feet like boats around. Maybe I’m being a little harsh,  but their my feet I can call them what I want. I recently found a pair of sandals on  Nasty Gal’s website that I really liked. If you’ve noticed gem dazzled sandals are whats up for  Spring/Summer 2015. Do the math. A little Nasty Gal, a little hardware,  plus some gems equals a snazzy DIY.

What You’ll Need:

  1. Gems to your liking.
  2. Industrial strength glue.  I recommend E6000.
  3. A pair of sandals.
  4. Pliers, or tweezers to hold gems during placement.

Tips: Map out how you want your gems to look on your sandals. Use a small amount of glue (enough to seal gems to the surface,but not so much that you have a mess to clean up).





Details: Top from Hanger, H&M Skirt, Reworked Sandals from Nasty Gal Here

All the pictures were taken by a lovely young lady Kadijah Nichole. Check out more of her work here.

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